Genicore is a specialized products and service provider to dental professionals in the United States.

Genicore strategically partnered with leading manufacturers in the dental industry to offer tailored and personalized
solutions for every aspect of dental implant treatment. From treatment planning to final restoration, Genicore is highly
committed to empowering dental professionals with choices that are simple, predictable and innovative. Genicore is always
striving to deliver the performance qualities, as well as conformance qualities that dental professionals demand.


Genicore truly understands the importance of choosing the optimum dental products and
services for clinicians to provide the best patient care. Therefore, Genicore has strategically partnered
with selected manufacturers to empower dental professionals with the best solutions available in today’s market.
Genicore’s network of partners are present in over 125 countries, demonstrating their commitment to quality,
research & development and continuing education in the field of implant dentistry.

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Genicore was established with the goal of offering the best possible products and services to professionals in the dental implant industry. With the many years of experiences and understanding of dental implantology, Genicore has sought after highly reputable partners with validated products and services to bring forth comprehensive solutions for both the clinicians and their patients. Genicore and its partners are committed to quality, research and development and continued education in the field of implant dentistry.

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    RayScan Alpha 3D Edge (2D/3D X-Ray Imaging System) launched

  • 7

    Genicore partners with CreoDental Milling Center

  • 8

    Genicore becomes a sub-distributor of Medit i500 Dental Intraoral Scanner

  • 10

    Genicore partners with EverBank for Capital Equipment Financing

  • 5

    Genicore becomes the national distributor of RayScan 2D/3D X-Ray Imaging System

    Genicore becomes the national distributor of Aseptico dental motors

  • 7

    Digital component developed for TAG Dental Implant System

  • 9

    Genicore becomes the national distributor of Curasan biologic products

  • 1

    Genicore Established
    New York, USA

  • 2

    Genicore becomes the exclusive distributor of TAG Dental in the USA

  • 3

    RayScan RIOScan (Digital Imaging Plate System) launched

  • 6

    Genicore becomes the national distributor of W&H dental motors

  • 4

    RayScan America (RayAmerica) Established
    New Jersey, USA

    RayScan Alpha+ (2D/3D X-Ray Imaging System) acquired CE Certificate

    RayScan Alpha+ (2D/3D X-Ray Imaging System) launched

  • 5

    TAG Dental Implant System acquired FDA Clearance

    Aseptico 7000 (Dental Motor) acquired FDA Clearance

  • 1

    Genicore Company Established
    New York, USA

  • 12

    RayScan RIOSensor (Intraoral Sensor) launched

    Aseptico 6000 (Dental Motor) acquired FDA Clearance

  • 11

    RayScan Alpha (2D/3D X-Ray Imaging System) acquired FDA Clearance

  • 2

    RayScan Alpha (2D/3D X-Ray Imaging System) launched

  • 1

    Curasan Osbone acquired FDA Clearance

  • 7

    TAG Dental (Division of TAG Medical Products) Established
    Kibbutz Gaaton, Israel

  • 7

    Curasan OsteoSelect acquired FDA Clearance

  • 7

    Curasan CERASORB M acquired FDA Clearance

  • 10

    Ray Co. Ltd Establish
    Hwaseong, South Korea

  • 1

    TAG Medical Products Established
    Kibbutz Gaaton, Israel


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