RayScan Alpha Plus

Control Where You Scan Using
the Light-Guided Flexible FOV

The clinician can conveniently adjust the FOV according to the specific clinical needs. By shining the light guide on the patient’s face, the clinician can visually see the x-ray scanning area. Unlike the conventional x-ray systems, this Light-Guided Flexible FOV application eliminates the guess work for the users.

Ultra Low Dosage

The RayScan equipment are designed to offer the lowest radiation dosage imaging solution for dental professionals. The native system includes various scan modes to enable the most pertinent and accurate x-ray acquisition. Furthermore, Adaptive Moving Focus (AMF), Proprietary Noise Reduction Technology, Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) and Proprietary CBCT Reconstruction creates an environment where only a minimum level of radiation dosage is utilized. With this scanning technology, even a 3D CBCT image can be generated with a low radiation dosage used to take conventional panoramic x-ray.

Extremely Fast Scanning Time

Through the usage of the Fast Scan Mode, 3D x-ray images are able to be acquired under 10 seconds. This function is a perfect application to get 3D images for immediate implant treatment planning and placement.

In addition to the Fast Scan Mode for 3D images, RayScan equipment offers One Shot Cephalometric system in which a full cephalometric x-ray can be taken in less than 1 second. This translate to only 0.3 second of radiation exposure for patients.

Image Reconstruction and Processing Technology

Excellent Image Quality Through Advance Technology

RayScan's advanced proprietary technology contributes to developing the sharpest and high-qualtiy images. This unrivaled technology allows clinicians to maximize
their diagnostic capability.

Diverse Scan Modes and Options

Object Scan, New Feature
for Digital Impression

Scan your model / impression and convert the DICOM to STL

FMX Outside the Patient’s Mouth

With this special function, an FMX can be acquired in one minute outside the patient’s mouth. The radiation utilized using this method is only one-tenth of the
radiation dosage
required in a conventional FMX (Full Mouth X-Ray). Now, both the clinician and the patient can enjoy the convenience and simplicity of a taking
the FMX with minimal radiation.

24/7 Real-Time Monitoring
Using RayGuard IoT

  • RayScan remotely monitors your equipment 24/7 to ensure
    it is functioning properly.
  • RayScan gets an automatic alert for any technical difficulty,
    allowing our technical team to promptly attend to those
  • Remote upgrades are installed for the latest RayScan software
    and firmware.